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I’ve always liked any 3D related stuff (especially when I saw the “Magic Eye” pictures for the first time), so here I tried a cheap and easy to build DIY 3D Camera, using 2 x Mobius Action Camera from ebay + car windshield suction cup + 4 neodymium magnets (No connection to sellers) + DIY sync cable.

Sync: The biggest problem is, how to synchronize (start recording in the same time) both cameras. Unfortunately there is no perfect solution. The best what  I found is connecting together both REC buttons. In this way usually we have 0 (sometimes) – 7 frame differences which can be synced almost perfectly in post processing using different movie editor softwares (like Magix Movie Edit Pro, etc…), also all the small angle differences between the cameras (usually no need corrections here if the cams perfectly aligned), can be adjusted easily. The cameras can be synced without any sync cable if you clap your hands once, at the beginning of the recording, then sync the sound in post processing.

I tried to set up different interpupillary distances (6.5cm) for the cameras and looks like the minimum distance can be approx. 4cm (between cameras), which works quite good with 3D TVs (after lowering the image Separation a little bit in post processing) and virtual reality headsets like Oculus Rift DK2 (with Live View Rift software).

Settings for Mobius Camera in Live View Rift:

  • Stereo Mode:       LR sq
  • Cam mapping:     equid
  • -/+h equid r:         1.95

The video after post processing can be exported as MPEG-4 with 1920×1080 / 30fps and Half Side By Side setting. In the post processing we can easily verify if everything’s aligned correctly with any Anaglyph glasses or without glasses using the Crosseye technique (which can be mastered easily, in a short period of time, when only 1 blink is enough to see directly in 3D any SBS movie, just swap left/right images 🙂 )

Align both cameras: First, using Super Glue, attach both pairs of magnets to one camera. Wait a minute, then place a small drop of glue on both attached magnets. Place both cameras on two flat surfaces positioned at 90 degrees. In this way we are able to slide together both cameras at a perfect angle and perfect position. Keep the cams pressed together for min. 2 minutes, then you can separate and reattach the cams easily, using just the magnets.

The sync cable is a simple push button connected in parallel with the REC buttons.

Please Note: with the sync cable connected to both cameras you need to turn ON the cameras on the same time, otherwise one of the cameras will start recording instantly after turning ON. If you want to connect a camera to the PC, please make sure the sync cable is not connected to both cameras. Use the same firmware and same settings in both cameras. I tried even with different microSD cards installed in each camera in the same time – 4GB SDHC Class4 and 64GB SDXC Class1 and I had no difficulties with movie sync while recording.

Opening your camera case, will void any warranty offered by the seller!

Test Video:  

If 3D videos doesn’t show up or no 3D options on youtube (means Html5 Enabled):

  • Firefox: please try this , will work.
  • Chrome: Find/Search the file called ffmpegsumo.dll where Chrome is installed (C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\3x.xxxxx\ ) then Delete it or Rename. Update: The above solution doesn’t work anymore so we need to install this extension Disable Youtube HTML5 Player 

V.2 with DIY Steadicam

(Henco tube + DIN rail + led flashlight case + ball bearing + universal joint)

~ Best cheapest steadicam: Alexmos 32 bit 3 Axis Gimbal ~ IN Action ~

In this version the IPD can be changed easily.

Test video:

Outdoor: Windy days 🙁 . IPD 65mm
Indoor: Much better. IPD 40mm
Res: 1920×1080 / 30 fps

Build and / or use at your own risk !!!

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