Homemade Geiger Counter and Dosimeter


GeigerPhone (Geiger Counter circuit) using LMC555:

SBM20-1 GM tube with 0.3mm Lead foil for energy compensation.

J401 (China) GM tube

This circuit can be connected to a smartphone (Android, iPhone – using GeigerBot with Jack adapter cable) or PC sound card (MIC IN).

Can be powered using one or two AA rechargeable or alkaline batteries.

The HV for the tube can be set with the  R3 trimmer.

Live background radiation measurements

Circuit Schematic

Live Radiation Network by Radu


Geiger Counter using microcontroller:

The project details and firmware can be downloaded from here:    geigercounter_v1.zip

In this project I used a SBM20-1 GeigerMuller tube and an ATtiny2313 microcontroller.

This circuit can measure Gamma Dose Rate (GDR), Counts Per Minute (CPM) and Counts Per Second (CPS).

Also if you want you can connect to the PC for data logging, using this small free application available here:    UGP

Then it is possible to import the values saved in a txt file (by UGP) to OpenOffice Calc and generate different charts:    Chart Example

Use for educational purposes only!

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