AutoSprink – Sprinkler or Universal Timer

Sprinkler or Universal digital timer


Properties (v1.0):

–  14 zones (outputs)

–  each zone (output) can be programmed with 8 different programs

–  Real Time Clock with battery backup (CR2032)

– AC IN/OUT – from ~24VAC to ~230VAC (only for NON Sprinkler Systems)

–  3 different languages: English (default) , Hungarian, Romanian

– 3 different modes: Off, Auto, Manual

Real test of the boxed version:

First test:

Set the clock: 

1) Long press (approx. 3sec.) on Button 3 (Back/Escape)

2) Change the numbers with Button1 (Change No.)

3) Confirm (hour, minute, weekday, day, month, year) with Button2 (Enter)

Set the Language:  

1)  Turn Off the device (or press the Reset button).

2) Turn On the device with Button2 (Enter) pressed, while you see the Language menu

3) Change the language (EN, HU, RO) with Button1 (Change No.)

4) Leave the menu with Button3 (Back/Escape)

Here you can download the schematic and firmware:

Schematic :    AutoSprink_v1.0_SCH.pdf

Firmware :

Another interesting DIY remote sprinkler project:  OpenSprinkler by Rayshobby

Build and / or use at your own risk !!!

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